Treating Heart Disease in Women: Why the Disparities

February 07, 2014

Still Different Nevertheless These Years

Sharon L. Mulvagh, MD: Greetings. I'm Dr. Sharon Mulvagh, Supervisor of the Female's Heart Clinic and Instructor of Medication at the Mayo Clinic. Today on Mayo Clinic Talks, we will certainly be going over the treatment of Heart Condition in ladies, and why there are sex variations.

With me today is my coworker Dr.

Patricia Ideal, who concentrates on intrusive cardiology in the Mayo Female's Heart Clinic. Patty, it's fantastic to have you here.

Patricia, MD: Thank you a lot, Dr. Mulvagh.

Dr. Mulvagh: When we say that there are variations in Managing Heart Condition in ladies, what are the differences in between ladies and men?


Ideal: A number of differences are seen when ladies provide with Heart Condition. Current researches show that when ladies come in for evaluation, even if they have the same signs as men, they are much less most likely to undertake tension testing. If a woman's tension examination is irregular, she is much less most likely to be referred for intrusive angiography.

When ladies provide to the emergency area, intense coronary disorder is much less most likely to be taken into consideration initially, and ladies tend to experience longer hold-ups in treatment. These hold-ups happen both in presenting to the emergency area and in being addressed for intense coronary disorder after discussion.


Mulvagh: We must concentrate our talk on intense coronary disorder and those variations. In the Current questionnaire study by Dr. Lori Mosca, simply 65 % of ladies said that they would call 911 if they experienced typical or concerning upper body discomfort signs. Nevertheless, if their spouses or substantial others were having upper body discomfort signs, 81 % would call.

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